Lowerhouses CE (VC) JI & EY School

Working and Achieving Together to Enrich Lives and Nurture Bright Futures

Mrs R. Shaw

Lowerhouses Lane, Lowerhouses, Huddersfield, HD5 8JY



School Council

All school council members are democratically elected. Voting takes place after pupils share how they believe they can help make changes to benefit all members of our school community. The School Council has representatives from each year group. Some stay on for a few terms for continuity, some are re- elected regularly.

The School Council sometimes meets with all members attending. At our first meeting of the year we voted in our School Council Chair Person, Vice-Chair person, Secretary and Treasurer. We also reviewed and agreed on our School Council’s constitution and action plan for the year. Ideas are always agreed and voted on at full council meetings. Although, children often then work on projects as members of a sub-committee.

Upper Key Stage 2 Campaign Trail