Lowerhouses CE Primary School

Working and Achieving Together to Enrich Lives and Nurture Bright Futures

Mrs R. Shaw

Lowerhouses Lane, Lowerhouses, Huddersfield, HD5 8JY



Communication & Language

Our communication approach is child centered: therefore, some children use sign language while others are oral. Sign Supported English is also used in the teaching of all subjects where appropriate. Our aim is to ensure that our children develop their language skills to become confident communicators and we strive to develop their identity, including their deaf identity.

Our children move on to to secondary school as independent, confident individuals who are effective communicators.


British Sign Language (BSL) is a recognised language within the school and we actively promote its use within the school environment. All mainstream staff and children within school are given the opportunity to learn sign language through clubs and training sessions.

An NHS Speech and Language Therapist visits our school to support children who may experience difficulties in listening to understanding language, talking in words and sentences, social interaction and using clear and fluent speech.


Audiological equipment is checked daily to ensure that our children can access speech, environmental sounds and other acoustic information. The school building has been treated so that favorable acoustic conditions are in place and therefore sound field systems can be used effectively.

Most of the hearing impaired children benefit from the use of a radio aid which enables them to hear the teacher's voice above the background noise of a busy classroom.