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Organisations that may be of interest to you to help you support your child:


NDCS (ndcs.org.uk)

  • General information and support
  • Get involved in their services
  • Our Services – what they offer
  • Deaf child worldwide
  • Your community – online forum


NDCS is a really good resource to gain lots of information about level, type of deafness and how to support your child at home and explain to you what support they should be receiving at school/nursery. They provide lots of information (in the documents section on the website) to support children who have a hearing impairment, for example, promoting independence and information about the wealth of technology available. The Your Community section allows you to join an online forum and talk to other families and give/receive support from each other. On occasions they offer training to parents on various aspects you may face when bringing up a hearing impaired child.


KIRKLEES DEAF CHILDREN’S SOCIETY You can contact KDCS via their website: kirklees@ndcsgroup.org.uk 

They offer various services including social opportunities for you and your child(dren). They also run a BSL training programme.


KIRKLEES SEND LOCAL OFFER https://www.kirkleeslocaloffer.org.uk

The Kirklees SEND Local Offer is where parents, carers, children and young people up to 25 with Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND) can find information, advice and guidance about support, services, educational settings and activities that are available to children and young people with SEND in Kirklees. 


FAMILY FUND www.familyfund.org.uk 

A charity based in York that provide grants for a wide range of items, such as washing machines, sensory toys, family breaks, bedding, tablets, furniture, outdoor play equipment, clothing and computers.



  • You live in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales
  • You are the parent or carer of a disabled or seriously ill child or young person aged 0-17 who lives with you
  • You are currently living in the UK and done so for at least six months, or three months if your child is less than six months old.
  • You are eligible to work and apply for public funds
  • Your child is not in Local Authority care
  • You need to also have evidence of entitlement to any one of the following:


  • Universal Credit
  • Child Tax Credit
  • Working Tax Credit
  • Income-based Jobseeker's Allowance
  • Income Related Employment Support Allowance
  • Income Support
  • Housing Benefit
  • Pension Credit
  • Your child or young person has a high level of additional support needs arising from a long term disability or disabling condition or a serious or life limiting illness. By long term we mean lasting or likely to last 12 months or more. Please read our child and young person eligibility criteria. You need to meet the Family Fund eligibility criteria and child eligibility criteria in order to be considered for a grant.


DISABILITY LIVING ALLOWANCE (www.gov.uk/disability-living-allowance-children)

Can be claimed for children (3m to 16 years old) with a sensori neural (permanent) hearing loss who wear hearing aids. Some children with a permanent, conductive hearing loss associated with additional needs e.g. Down Syndrome are also eligible.

There are two components of DLA - care and mobility. The care component can be claimed from 3m old. The mobility component can be claimed at 3 or 5 years old depending on the child’s needs. For hearing impaired children and young people with no additional needs the mobility component is usually awarded at 5 years old.

It may be possible to claim Carer’s Allowance if a child is awarded the middle or high rate of DLA. (www.gov.uk/carers-allowance)



If your child is in receipt of DLA or you are in receipt of a range of eligible benefits (see website) then you can apply for a voucher for 15 free hours a week at a local preschool. Your child can start the term after their 2nd birthday. This includes childminders, day nurseries, preschools and playgroups and schools with nursery places. Contact the Kirklees Family Information Service (FIS) on 01484 414887 or email fis@kirklees.gov.uk to apply.

Currently all 3 and 4 year olds are entitled to up to 15 hours of free childcare and early education a week for up to 38 weeks a year. Contact your local childcare provider to discuss a place.



SHABANG Inclusive learning – This is a charity who support children with additional needs www.shabang.org.uk 

PCAN – charity for parents and carers for children who have special educational needs and/or disabilities carerscount.org.uk/pcan.php 

ENDORPHINS – Commissioned by Kirklees to support children with special educational needs www.endorphins.uk