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Year 1 Home Learning

Learning for week commencing 18.05.20 and 25.05.20

Please scroll to the bottom to make sure you have seen everything.  Thank You.

First of all your weekly topic activities and a message from Mrs Newey.


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Lucy Callinan(about a day ago)

Hi, Bug Club won’t allow Orlaith access for some reason. Please could we have a new password?

Lucy Callinan(less than a week ago)

Hi Mrs Newey, Orlaith has done really well this week with her school work. She’s been on prodigy and spelling shed. She’s watched the videos and designed her own alien. She’s also learned all about the solar system and has written down the names of the planets. I will send pics through Mrs Shaw.

Mrs Newey(less than a month ago)

Hi, Orlaith is working so hard and having lots of fun! Tell her that Mrs Newey says "well done!". I'm glad she enjoyed the QPootle5 activities. Thank you so much for your continued support. Take care, Mrs Newey

Orlaith Callinan(less than a month ago)

Hi, Orlaith has enjoyed this week. She did some baking and decorating for VE Day celebrations. She watched the Q Pootle video and thought it was good and we talked about what sort of person Q Pootle is. She’s done some spelling shed and I think she did prodigy (but the weeks are merging!!).

Mrs Newey(less than a month ago)

Good afternoon Yazzmin. Thank you so much for your support, it sounds like you are having lots of fun! Operation Ouch is popular in my house too. Take care, Mrs Newey.

Yazzmin Carter(less than a month ago)

Hi everyone! Thank you Mrs. Newey for all your hard work. Jacob has been enjoying Prodigy when he plays, however Spelling Shed is a bit more of a chore! He is also enjoying the games on BBC Bitesize. Operation Ouch on YouTube is of huge interest too, leading to Jacob and Daddy desecting a lamb's heart! We have had lots of time in the garden and out for walks in the woods. Jacob and Matilda have become really good pals, which is lovely to see. The level of "work" being done is quite minimal, but lots of playing and talking and just being together. We will try some Q-Pootle 5 stuff this week!

Mr Lord(less than a month ago)

Good morning Tonnianne. Please check your email as details have been sent for Poppy and Riley. Thank you.

Tonianne north(less than a month ago)

Morning poppy can’t access prodigy it’s say username or password is wrong

Mr Lord(less than a month ago)

Good morning. I've added the sheets as a link now so should download when clicked. If using google chrome, they will appear in the downloads bar at the bottom of the page. Hope that helps. Thank you.

Nicola Burling(less than a month ago)

Good morning hope your well. Blake’s missing school and his friends. We are struggling to print the character template and spelling she’d work sheets. I’ve downloaded twinkl and created free account but it still won’t allow me to download without paid membership any suggestions please? Thank you

A Journey To Space

Listen and Watch



Man on the Moon

(This is the story we would be learning about in School)


 Man on the Moon by Simon Bartram | Waterstones

Listen to the story. Look at the pictures in the book. Can you spot the hidden aliens? What are they doing? Are the craters empty? Who drops the litter? How do the visitors get to the Moon? 


Click on the link below to watch a short video. You will see images of the Moon and footage of the first man landing on the Moon.


A Man on the Moon | 100 Photographs | The Most Influential Images ...

Planet Song

Listen to the song and learn about the planets.

Planets Song - YouTube


Write some facts about the Moon.

The Full Moon


Write a postcard home from the Moon.

Template you can use to make your own postcards! | Postcard ...


Bob works on the Moon. Ask children 'What job would you like to do when you grow up?' Children could draw  a picture and write about what they want to be when they grow up.

Man on the Moon: a day in the life of Bob (Bartram, Simon Series ...


A Day in the Life

Write a day in the life of yourself, someone you know or a made up character. 


Talk about Bob's lunchbox. Does he make healthy choices? Invent some interesting sandwich fillings for Bob to eat. Draw a picture of your design and then make your sandwich! 

 Chicken Satay Sandwiches - The Washington Post


 Box Model Rocket

Use empty boxes, cartons, pots and rolls to make a rocket.

 8 Best Junk modelling space vehicle images | Junk modelling, Space ...

Get outside!

Drawing and Painting 



Imagine walking on the Moon and talk about what they would hear and how it would feel. How do astronauts move in Space? Can you move like them? 


Exploration and Discovery Quiz | Britannica


Paint Planets

Do you know the names of the planets in the Solar System? Can you say some interesting facts about them? Paint a picture of your favourite planet.

Planet Crafts- Paper Plate Solar System Spiral

Draw Aliens

Design own alien or Space person.

How to Draw Aliens · Art Projects for Kids

How well did you do? 

What new things did you learn?

Which activity was your favourite?


From Mrs Newey

Spelling Shed

This has now been updated with this weeks new spellings. Spell words ending with the sound /ee/ Spelt with 'y'. Encourage the children to log on and complete the activities. 




This has now been updated to revise the concept of number bonds to 20 and solving addition and subtraction problems.

Click on the image to go to the website.