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Mrs R. Shaw

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Welcome to Year 3

Welcome to Green Class

Our teacher is Miss Griffiths and our teaching assistants are Mrs Tatler, Mrs McCluskey and Mrs Marcus. We also have Mr Stockhill to teach us RE and music on a Wednesday afternoon.
In our classroom you will find a happy, friendly and supportive environment with lots of our incredible work displayed on the walls.

In Year 3, we love solving tricky maths problems which involve a range of different mathematical concepts. We enjoy our daily BIG MATHS sessions and we challenge ourselves to improve our scores every week.

In English we love reading both fiction and non-fiction books and writing stories and information texts linked to our exciting topics. Throughout the year, we will be learning how to write for a range of purposes which will include information texts, traditional tales, character and setting descriptions, instructions, persuasive leaflets, well as looking at some poetry.

Each half term, we have a Geography/History focus where we develop and learn skills and knowledge. These are:
Autumn 1: Walk Like an Egyptian
Autumn 2: European Cafe
Spring 1: Angry Earth
Spring 2: Rotten Romans
Summer 1: Roaming Through the Rainforest
Summer 2: An Eye on the UK

In an afternoon, we focus on each topic by learning about lots of different things including, Science, History, Geography, Art, PE, Music, PSHE, French and Computing. We like to use our English and Maths skills in these lessons, to show how much we've learnt and understood in our morning lessons.

You will find our Parent Information Sheet and this year's spellings below!

Year 3 Spelling List 


actual(ly)          complete        favourite

address             consider         February

  answer              continue        forward(s)

appear                 decide             fruit

arrive             describe         grammar

believe             different         group

bicycle             difficult           guard

breath             disappear        guide

breathe            early              heard

build                earth              heart

busy/business   eight/eighth    height

calendar           enough           history

caught              exercise         imagine

centre             experience      increase

century           experiment      important

certain            extreme          interest

Year 3 Homophones List

(a word that is pronounced the same as another word but differs in meaning, and may differ in spelling)














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