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Year 3 Home Learning
Learning for weeks commencing 18.05.20 and 25.05.20

Please scroll to the bottom to make sure you have seen everything.  Thank You.

Firstly, a video message from Miss Griffiths & Mrs McCluskey and your new topic challenges below.
Underneath the video is a Guestbook. Please leave your name and a comment about which activities you have completed and what you have enjoyed learning about this week. 

There will be a new Guestbook each week.

Remember to keep checking the learning links below. New activities have been added!  

Let's keep working together and get to the top of all the leaderboards! 
Who will get to the Gold spot on Prodigy?
Who will be the top speller in the school?
Look out for more special shout outs in the next video message! 


Please leave your name and comment on the activities you have completed this week. Thank you, Miss Griffiths

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Miss Griffiths(about a day ago)

Fantastic work Thomas! I have seen your elephant handprint and your amazing writing about elephants! You should feel very proud of your writing Thomas. It was a joy to read. Watch out for a special shout-out next week! Keep up the hard work! Miss Griffiths

Miss Griffiths(about a day ago)

Fantastic work again Imogen! It sounds like you have been very busy again this week. Keep up the hard work and listen out for a special shout out next week! Miss Griffiths

Andreea raluca(a couple of days ago)

Hi Miss Griffiths . Giulia is working hard on all the tasks that she has to do and complete . She wroted , readed and watched videos about elefants . Soon I will send to head teacher an email with all her hard work . Thank you

Thomas mitchell(less than a week ago)

Hi miss Griffiths it's Thomas. I have watched the elephant videos. Made a orange handprint elephant. Taken a picture of nannan and grandads orange flower. Wrote about elephants to see if there in danger. A Poster to save the elephants. I miss you lots and all my class mates and all the teachers.

Lucy Callinan(less than a week ago)

Hi Miss Griffiths. Imogen has watched the elephant videos, played on prodigy, practised her handwriting and found a few things that are orange. I will send you through pictures via Mrs Shaw again. Have a nice half term.

Miss Griffiths(less than a month ago)

Fantastic work Imogen- it sounds like you have been working really hard to learn more about VE Day and I hope you enjoyed the Bank Holiday! Keep up the hard work and I look forward to hearing about your home learning challenges this week! I miss school too!! Miss Griffiths

Imogen Callinan(less than a month ago)

Hi, Imogen enjoyed learning about VE Day this week. She wrote about Winston Churchill and watched all the videos, including a couple on the ‘be an expert’ section. She’s done spelling shed and prodigy and also spag and bug club...or so she tells me! Pics have been emailed to Mrs Shaw. Imogen misses school!

Miss Griffiths(less than a month ago)

Well done Giulia! I am pleased that you enjoyed the learning this week. Keep up the hard work! Miss Griffiths

Miss Griffiths(less than a month ago)

Well done Thomas! It sounds like you have been very busy this week! I have loved seeing the pictures of all of the amazing work you are doing! Keep working hard and I look forward to seeing more of your exciting creations! Miss Griffiths

Miss Griffiths(less than a month ago)

Well done Imogen! I have really enjoyed seeing all of the hard work you have been doing. I loved reading your Badger Booklet and I will look forward to hearing all about your badger visitor when we are back in school!! Keep up the hard work! Miss Griffiths

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Carnival of the Animals 

Exciting Elephants 




 • Elmer (read by David McKee)
• Elephants – National Geographic

• Elephants for Children

Elephants and how to save them 






 • African Elephant

• Elephant Facts

• WWF- Elephant species 

• United For Wildlife: 10 Amazing Facts about Elephants





• Carnival of the Animals – Elephants

How does the composer use instruments, pitch and rhythm to make you think about elephants as you listen?

• Sounds of African Wildlife

• 10 hours of Elephant sounds


Animal of the Week!

The Big Question this week is...

Get outside

This week we are learning about …
The Elephant

Complete the key facts below:

Where do elephants live in the world?
Where do elephants make their home?
What do elephants eat?
What is a group of elephants called?
Are elephants endangered?


Should elephants live in zoos or remain in the wild?

Think about the opportunities and challenges this would create.

Is it fair?

Who would it affect the most?

Make a list of arguments for and against animals living in zoos.






Collect natural materials (e.g. dry leaves, twigs, moss, pinecones, dried seed pods etc.).

Use these to create a savannah landscape scene.


When outside this week (at a safe distance from others) join our photo challenge. The theme this week is:


What can you photograph or find that links to this week’s theme?



Draw or Make!


Elephants are big.
How many synonyms can you think of for the word ‘big’ that will make this sentence more interesting for the reader or listener?


Elephants eat 200kg of food per day. How many objects can you find that weigh 200g?


Have a go at playing the game about elephants:

Create a fact page about elephants.
Think about the layout of your page. What features should you include to make your report interesting for your reader?




Draw an elephant.

Make a handprint elephant picture.
If you don’t have paint available, try drawing around your hand and colouring.

Create a savannah scene.
You could draw or paint a savannah scene or you could create a collage using different materials. 

Using Elmer as inspiration, design a new type of elephant. You could use colouring pencils, paint or other materials to create an illustration of your new elephant. You could also add labels including important information about this new creature. 

What does your elephant look like? How large is it? 

Where can your elephant be found? What is its habitat like? 

What food does your elephant like to eat? 

Create a poster to persuade people to protect elephants 





Watch the video about seeing elephants while on safari. Imagine you were in the jeep and write a postcard explaining what you saw, what has happened and how you felt when you saw the elephant.



Describe the elephant. Remember to use exciting adjectives and adverbs, prepositions and fronted adverbials to give more detail.


Create an acrostic poem about elephants using powerful adjectives, adverbs and prepositions. 










Quiz Challenge!

Be an expert!




How well will you do on these quizzes?










Find out more about elephants including their habitats.






How well did you do this week?
What new things did you learn?
Which activity was your favourite?

Be ready for next a new topic focus next week!

From Miss Griffiths and Mr Stockhill


Please see a list of learning links for Year 3 below


Topmarks- Hit the Button https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button 

TES Elements https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/interactive/20200814/QveK/iboard-premium/LaunchtheBalloonMultiplicationNextSteps/launch.swf
TES Elements https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/interactive/20200814/ZTMh/number/addition/29-adding-a-two-digit-number-to-a-near-multiple-of-10-to-give-an-answer-up-to-100/index.html

TES Elements https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/interactive/20200814/ZTMh/number/addition/27-adding-1-10-or-100-to-a-three-digit-number-to-give-an-answer-less-than-1000/index.html


Phonics Play https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/ username : march20 password: home


 TES Elements https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/interactive/20200814/K5ko/comprehension/apps/a-pirates-life/index.html
TES Elements https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/interactive/20200814/uR3F/spag-quiz/spelling-7-8/key-words-7-8/key-words-1-choose-me-medium-frequency/index.html

TES Elements https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/interactive/20200814/uR3F/spag-quiz/grammar-7-8/clauses/clauses/i-can-identify-a-main-and-a-subordinate-clause/index.html


Spelling Shed (English) – https://play.edshed.co/login  (new spellings are added weekly)

SPAG.com (English) – www.spag.com   (new activities are added weekly)


Bug Club (English, Maths and Science)www.activelearnprimary.co.uk

Use your usual bug club login for the following: 

  • Bug Club Reading (books are added automatically) 
  • Grammar and Spelling Bug (new activities have been added)  
  • Wordsmith (new activities have been added) 
  • Science Bug (new activities have been added) 
  • Abacus Maths (new activities have been added) 
  • Power English (new activities have been added) 


TT rockstars (Maths)www.ttrockstars.com  

Prodigy (Maths)www.prodigy.com (new activities added weekly)

New site: Sumdog (Maths)https://www.sumdog.com/
The following will help you to log in. 

Username: first 3 letters of your name (no capitals, no spaces) 

Password: year3 (no capitals, no spaces) 

School I.D.: lh1 (no capitals, no spaces)


Duolingo (French)www.duolingo.com

Linguascope (French)www.linguascope.com


Other great sites to check out include: 

Sir Linkalot (spelling): https://www.sirlinkalot.org/ 
(great cartoon video clips) 

Spellingframe (spelling):  https://spellingframe.co.uk/ 

Pobble 365 (English) http://www.pobble365.com/

A different image is uploaded every day with a story starter, questions, sentence and other challenges. You can also go back to previous days and use other images with different prompts.

BP (science and geography) https://bpes.bp.com/resources/list/primary

A range of science and geography activities

Disney Shake Up games 


A series of 10 minute bursts of fun to get you moving! 



10 minute challanges set by bestselling authors and illustrators including Steven Butler. 








Further tasks to be completed
(You can make these documents full screen by clicking the four arrows)

  1. An activity booklet to work through including Maths and English challenges. 
  2.  Create your own Lockdown Diary. Be as creative as you like...use the example below to get you started!  


How can we show courage at home?  

Some creative and fun resources to try at home exploring how you can be a Young Leader at home.

Be the change you want to see!

Make sure you ask an adult before committing to any of these acts of courage and kindness. 


Non-screen activities 

  See below for some fun challenges and activities you can complete at home.  

(You can make this full screen by clicking the four arrows)