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Nursery Home Learning

Learning for week commencing 18.05.20

Please scroll to the bottom to make sure you have seen everything.  Thank You.

Just a reminder about Tapestry - Please upload some pictures of activities you do at home, thank you.

 First of all a message from Miss Cross.


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Lucy Callinan(less than a week ago)

Hi Miss Cross, Alice has tried hard with schoolwork this week. She has practiced her writing and her numbers. She’s watched Handa’s hen a few times and drawn a picture for you. I will upload pictures to tapestry.

Miss Cross(about a week ago)

Good Morning Elizabeth. I'm not quite sure why or how that should have happened. I have set up a new Bug Club account for Lowyn, I will send through the new log in details on Tapestry. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Thank you.

Elizabeth amato(about a week ago)

Good afternoon, Just wanted to inform you that we can no longer access bug club via mobile phone now. I have spoke to someone on live chat as lowyns account was blocked they have said there was update to the website at the weekend this is why we can no longer access it from our mobile.

Miss Cross(about a week ago)

Good Afternoon Elizabeth. Please check your Tapestry notifications for Lowyn's Bug Club log in details. Thank you.

Elizabeth amato(less than a month ago)

Good morning, Please can we have Lowyns log in details for bug club. Thank you

Mr Lord(less than a month ago)

Good Morning Lucy. Please check your email for Alice's login details for Bug Club. Thank You

Lucy Callinan(less than a month ago)

Hello, I can't locate a password for Alice for Bug Club; is this something that was handed out to them all before lockdown?


Please see all the Nursery activities below

The theme for the next two weeks is 'Handa's Hen'.

Children learnt about the story 'Handa's Surprise' before the lockdown period started, so they should be familiar with the little girl 'Handa'. 


Please also continue these tasks below (if you haven't already done so). 

To access Bug Club (online) to read some of the books on your account and complete a quiz related to the book you read. 


Access Phonics Play - Learn some letter sounds s a t p i n through playing some games.  

Please access the Online Phonics lessons - these can be accessed from the homepage of the website under the Nursery year group.


To access Tapestry to upload pictures of activities that you have done at home.



Here is a Video re-telling the story 'Handa's Hen'.  


Please watch this video with your child and talk about what happened in the story using Who, What and Where questions.

E.g. Who was the character in the story? What were they doing? What is happening in the story?


Can they predict the ending of the story? What might happen next?

Please use the Video of the story to help you draw a picture of Handa with her Hen and her friend Akeyo.


PARENTS: Please can your child draw circles and straight lines to represent the head, face, body and any other features/detail of the above characters.

Can your child write the initial sound of Handa (H), hen (h), and Akeyo (A)? Ask your child "What sound can you hear at the beginning of ....?"

You can draw your picture on the paper provided below (or on a piece of paper at home)

Phase 2 Phonics Challenges


I wonder if you can complete some of the Phase 2 Phonics challenges below...


PARENTS: If you don't have access to a printer, please can you make something similar to the activities using a piece paper at home

Handa's Hen - Counting Creatures

I wonder if you can count the creatures mentioned in the story.

How many of each type are there?

How many are there altogether?

Can you draw them and write the number of each creature that is mentioned?


Use the picture cards below to help count the creatures in the story. 


Hen and Egg counting and matching game


I wonder if you can play this matching game. How many cards can you match correctly?

Jumble up the Hen and Egg cards on a table, or, lay out all the cards and take one Hen card at a time to count the Hens and match to the same number of eggs. 

Can you count how many Hens there are and match the card to the same number of eggs?


When you have a matching set of Hens and Eggs, place them next to each other. Can you write the corresponding number next to the set?


PARENTS: If you don't have access to a printer to print the below sheet off, you could make these cards (below) on pieces of paper, jumble them up and play the matching game. 


(You can press the four arrows to make the document full screen)

Eggs in a nest - Finger printing

 Can you read the number on the Hen? Can you put the correct number of eggs in each nest?

You can do this by finger printing the eggs or drawing the eggs in the nest. 


PARENTS: Please use the sheet below, or, if you don't have access to a printer, you can draw the nests on a piece of paper at home and write the number of eggs underneath the nest.


African Addition


Can you count how many animals there are in each group? Can you count them altogether and find a total?

Write your answer in the circle on the sheet.


Use the sheet below, or, use a piece of paper at home.

The Life Cycle of a Chick to Hen

Use the Powerpoint below 'Hen Life Cycle' and read it to your child to explain the life cycle of a Hen. 

The Life Cycle of a Chick to Hen

Using the Powerpoint above, 'Hen Life Cycle',  please can your child complete the cut and stick activity worksheet
'The Hen Life Cycle'.


If you don't have access to a printer to complete this, please can your child draw a picture of each stage that happens during

'The Hen Life Cycle'.


Become an explorer...

It's explorer time again...Can you become an explorer and go on a little hunt around your garden or a safe local walk?


Handa and Akeyo found some footprints. Could you find some footprints of different creatures? You can draw what you find on a piece of paper. 


Can you find out about the creatures mentioned in the story. What kind of habitat do they live in? How do they move? What sounds might they make?

Can you draw these animals in their habitat on a piece of paper?




Become an artist...

Can you make some beautiful Hen art?

You may even want to get a little creative and make a Hen life cycle...


Take a picture and upload your lovely creations to Tapestry so Miss Cross can see how beautiful they are.

(You can press the four arrows to make the document full screen)

Practical activities

Below are a range of useful practical activities that you could do with your child at home.