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Mrs R. Shaw

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Why do we need to teach maths to our children?


  • The basic skills of mathematics are vital for the life opportunities of our children and are used in everyday life, both personally and at work.


How do we teach Maths in School?                                                                         

  • The ability to calculate mentally lies at the heart of  mathematics. 
  • Emphasis is placed upon developing the skills of mental calculation systematically throughout school from Reception onwards.


The early stages of learning maths.


Children are given:

  • Practical experiences of recognising and writing numerals and counting forward and back to 5 and then to 10.
  • Practise of counting, first in jumps of 1 then progressing to jumps of 2.
  • Touch counting using objects and pictures.
  • Experience of number bonds to 5 and then to 10.
  • To understand the idea of one more and one less.
  • To learn the language of maths e.g. more, less, bigger, smaller, longer, shorter, add, take away etc.

As children progress through school they begin to learn more formal ways of calculating and recording maths.

Mental maths is still encouraged and developed on a daily basis

In the summer term we have a Maths week when the children are given opportunities to engage in a whole week of fun maths which hopefully helps to develop children’s confidence and a positive view of the subject.


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